Ahhh,  we miss the old days of the Soviet Union, you haven't lived if you've never heard of Boris Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Lenin, and Stalin...Vladimir Putin is going old school with his treatment of the West.The Kevin Miller Hotlist takes a look at Putin's latest escapades and whatever else is trending now.  Let's get started.

Vladimir Putin decides to test Mother Russia's nuclear readiness with a national test reports the Associated Press.

So it looks like HGTV is not interested in the Benham twins.  (Who are they?  I don't know?)  The brothers are home flippers and one of them reportedly led a group prayer outside the DNC Convention in 2012.  That was too much for HGTV that gave the show the boot says deadline.com.

If you are a member of the Tea Party your chances of getting audited increased dramatically according to House Republicans.  Ten percent of all Tea Party members were targets by the IRS says the Washington Times.

The newest amnesty measure is to have a statute of limitations on illegal immigrants.  Mark Krikorian has the details in The National Review.

This is the worst kept secret ever.  One of the dirty little secrets of education funding is that all children must be educated regardless of whether or not they're American citizens.  Now the Obama Administration has gone public reports The Hill.

Should video games feature 'gay' characters?  One major video company says no and let the fallout begin says CBSDC.

The troubling story involving a New Hampshire Dad that had Glenn Beck in disbelief this morning from The Blaze.

How the president has empowered the left to stamp out the right according to The Wall Street Journal.

This just in, coming soon, machines that can read your mind from thetimes.

Russia plans to colonize the Moon reports ria.ru.