Cristiano Ronaldo scores and possibly derails the World Cup Bandwagon that has been gaining momentum in America.  Forget horseshoes and hand grenades, a tie is as good as a win in soccer.   So it's cheer, cheer for the USA as they get ready for the Germans.  While you're waiting here's your Kevin Miller Hotlist to help you pass the time.

Despite a bad knee and a being cursed by a witch doctor, Cristiano Reynaldo proves why he's the best in the world says The New York Times.

HBO's True Blood returns for its seventh and final season.   Why this season is its last from Rolling Stone.

Hillary Clinton has a bad heart according to Ed Klein who will join us tomorrow morning on Kevin Miller in the Morning.  How bad is it and what does it mean to her chances at the presidency according to the Drudge Report.

Speaking of Ed Klein, he says Hillary almost resigned over the Benghazi flap says the New York Post.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords want to campaign in your state. The problem is that democrats do not want her to campaign for them says the Washington Times.

A transgendered priest gives a sermon at the national cathedral?  Fact is stranger than fiction from the Washington Times.

Do you find the term wine slut offensive?  Surely it's offensive to women.  Then why is that term trademarked and the Washington Redskins isn't?  Byron York looks over the hypocrisy in the Washington Examiner.

Must see video of Rep. Darrel Issa saying that Lois Lerner was acting on behalf of President Obama in targeting conservative groups from the Daily Caller.

Is it time for Christian Groups to embrace Gay Marriage?  Another denomination decides to recognize gay unions says the Blaze.

KIDO's Kevin Miller wants Congressman Labrador to back GOP Chairman Barry Peterson from today's Statesman.