Who needs Hillary Clinton when you have today's Kevin Miller Hotlist dedicated to Sarah Palin.  Speaking er... writing about our favorite former Alaska Governor she's soon to follow launch her own network which we will cover coming up.  Today stories begin at how to fund Kuna Schools to when is it the most popular time of the year for vasectomies.  Yep, everything you need or may not need to know starts now.

Glenn Beck has the Blaze which is a network he created to own his content.  He's the boss and it's exceeding expectations.   Could imitation be the finest form of flattery as Sarah Palin launches Rogue TV.  You decide after reading the details from The Christian Science Monitor.

Could a Black Hole, you know like on Lost in Space, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc, have taken out the Malaysia Airlines flight?  The most powerful name in news CNN floats that possibility as fact not fiction.

Surprise the White House Press briefing is staged just like pro wrestling. White House Press Secretary James Carney gets the questions before and sometimes the answers says The Weekly Standard.

In Idaho it's cheaper to have inmates serve life sentences than to have their lives terminated by the death penalty.  However there is not enough information on the total cost of the death penalty?  Confused?  Here's the entire story from the Idaho Statesman.

We're several months away from the start of the NFL season.  That's not enough to keep America's most popular sport out of today's Hotlist.  The NFL is proposing thirteen new rule changes designed to make the games more competitive says Yahoo Sports.

A prinicipal instructers her students to speak English and she gets the boot instead of a pat on the back.  We'll discuss this story Friday morning KHOU has your background.

Naked and Afraid is a disturbing yet popular TV Show. How about a naked woman visiting jail?  Nope not a new reality show but what really happened in Virginia according to Fox News.

The voters in Kuna say no to a new school levy.  It's like someone is not listening because a group of 'parents' will try again says the Idaho Statesman.

Apparently March Madness is about College Basketball and vasectomies says CBSDFW.

Are we seeing the end of paying for television in America?  For the first time pay tv viewing has declined.  Whatever happened to 'I want my MTV?  Call your local cable operators now.'  The rise of streaming, Hulu, Netflix and other services have impacted pay TV says Bloomberg.