Time for the weekend edition of the Kevin Miller Hotlist.  We bid farewell to Kathleen Sebelius and take a look at the latest in technology. We're keeping our eyes and ears on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the sliding stock market.  Is this the big one Elizabeth?  Let's find out now.

Kathleen Sebelius is leaving the Obama Administration.  Will this take the heat off of Obama?  What's next is looked at by Bloomberg.

Sharly Attkisson tells Bill O'Reilly why CBS did not thoroughly investigate Benghazi, Fast and Furious and Obama Care.  The video of their conversation is provided by truthrevolt.org.

Google Glass is suppose to be a breakthrough in technology and the official end of privacy all in one.  Anyone can buy the glasses for one day only and for fifteen hundred dollars.  Here's the intel from CNN.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama says that President Obama is deliberately trying to collapse the legal system according to CNS News.

The Chinese and Senator Harry Reid are behind the BLM showdown at the Bundy Ranch according to infowars.

Is this the beginning of the end of the historic bull market?  Another day and another day of loses for the markets says CNBC.

The GM scandal continues to evolve as emails indicate that current GM CEO Mary Barra knew about the problems in 2011 according to CNBC.

Attention Viagra users!  A new study has found that men using that little blue pill can increase their risks of getting skin cancer says CBSAtlanta.

Pope Francis says the devil is here to tempt you and we must resist reports CNS News.

The late night hosts react to Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman according to Yahoo.