Have you ever wondered happened to shame?  Edward Snowden discloses state secrets and NBC gives him a prime time special.  Where's the guilt?  Where's the consequences?  The media is reinforcing illegal and immoral behavior.  Fortunately, the KM Hotlist has you covered with the details of the Snowden interview.

Snowden speaks to Brian Williams who claims to go inside the mind of Snowden.  Who does he think he is, Dr. Strange or Jean Grey?  Never mind the Marvel Comics reference.  Here's the Snowden skinny from NBC.

Duck Dynasty returns next month on A&E.  Phil Robertson will give the Republicans a peace of his mind, reports the Truth Revolt.

Experts at the Heritage Foundation tell the nation that America needs to step it up to be the leader of the free world.  Is anyone in the administration listening?  The breakdown and what's at stake from the Washington Free Beacon.

The president says Eric Shinseki is not going anywhere.  The folks in congress want the Veteran's Affairs Secretary to be fired for his incompetency.  Despite White House support, their is growing support for his removal, sites Politco.

'Session now, session forever.' was the battle cry of the pre civil war Confederacy.  Could a western state succeed today?  What about part of a state like West Virginia?  Which state and why from Yahoo.

Now this could be something, Johnny Depp as Houdini?  He's in talks according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Who doesn't like bacon?  Why do we crave it so much?  What's the secret?  Here are 150 reasons why we love bacon from The Blaze.

The VA scandal continues to grow and where is the media?  The detailed reports from across the country should have triggered some nationwide response.  Instead, we hear nothing but meaningless words from Washington.  The latest from Arizona via the Washington Times.

A living legend and author, Maya Angelou has passed away.  The civil rights champion poet left an impression that will last for generations to come.  Her life and her legacy from CNN.

Does Texas belong to Rick Perry or Ted Cruz?  After yesterday's big Texas primary, Texas is Cruz Country says The Hill.