Another victory for James Spader and the cast of the new hit show The Blacklist.  It concluded its season last night as one of television's most watched new shows.  So with a tip of the that to Spader, we span the web for the latest water cooler and stories that are beginning to buzz.  The Kevin Miller Hotlist features the first photos of Ben Affleck as Batman, complete with new Batmobile, Jay Z getting beat up and the military creating 'terminators' errr robots with morals?  Can't we just go back to the world of arcade games like Missile Command?

It's nice to see James Spader in another defining role after his disastrous season on the Office.  Forget Boston Legal, the Blacklist is here to stay says the San Jose Mercury News.

This is not a joke, this is not science fiction.  The military is now building robots to fight and wait for it...have morals?  The details provided by defense one.

Russia has decided to ban us from using the space station because of the Ukrainian situation.  Didn't we build the space station?  Well, the Russians are not happy and they're giving us the boot says The Telegraph.

I'm Batman, no I'm Batman, is Ben Affleck really Batman?  Judge for yourself and take a glimpse at the new Batmobile courtesy of Variety.

Glen Grenwald, the journalist that aided Edward Snowden, has released a new book with a startling connection to a former Idaho law maker.  The review courtesy of The New York Times.

A federal judge has struck down Idaho's marriage law defining marriage as that between a man and a woman as unconstitutional.  Does that mean gays can marry now in Idaho?  Not so fast, the ruling does not kick in until Friday and that give Governor Otter plenty of time to file the appeal.   The details are in the Statesman.

Karl Rove says Hillary Clinton has brain damage.  Hillary Clinton responds, 'sticks and stones,' well not really, here's why Rove made that allegation from the Washington Post.

Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria has been found off the coast of Haiti.  The ship is over 500 years old and could be raised says the Independent.

President Obama, our chief law enforcement official, tells a group of law enforcement officers that enforcing immigration law does not make sense says the Daily Caller.

With rumor of another Clinton run, could a Bush run for the White House be far behind?  Jeb is thinking about running in 2016 and is looking for some family advice reports politico.