If only the fictional Marvel Comics character Captain America really existed.  We could send him to battle the real world bad guys in Iran, North Korea, and Russia.  Putin wouldn't  stand a chance against the living legend!  Sadly there will be no star spangled avenger to fight the commies so we'll have to settle for the Wednesday edition of Kevin Miller's Hotlist.

It's a battle of the Congressmen in Washington.  Darell Issa cut the microphone of Elijah Cummings after Cummings started screaming.  Look for the main stream slappys to blame Issa.  What was the hearing about?  Another attempt to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner accountable for the IRS targeting conservative groups.  Fox News has the play by play.

A mother drives her three kids into the Atlantic Ocean.  Thankfully all were rescued and the mother is undergoing a mental evaluation according to ClickOrlando.

Texas Governor Rick Perry looks to get back into the presidential race.  He's working on his resume says The Weekly Standard.

A man sues McDonalds after only receiving one napkin.  The victim tells the Huffington Post he suffered because he's a clean person.

What's next for Lindsay Lohan?  A documentary on the OWN network.  Oprah herself has to lay the hammer down on Lindsay to straighten up.  Yahoo TV has the trailer of what promises to be a must miss TV show.

Could the Roman Catholic Church recognize civil unions?  The Washington Times says the Pope may make it happen.

A group of third graders were caught smoking pot in the school bathroom.  Fox40 has the details of the eight and nine year olds lighting up.

Did you ever want to date a cheerleader or take one to the prom?  Time may have passed most of by, however UPI details the story of how one teenage convinced a Houston Texas Cheerleader to go to his prom.

A touching tribute to a real American Hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  Read the inspiring eulogy from the Daily Beast.

The Christian Science Monitor reports on a troubling sex case involving the Army.