Time to take a break from the Kevin Miller Hotlist review and commentary about the World Cup.  It's politics pure and simple in today's edition and it's not good for President Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Chuck Todd of NBC says it's over for the president.  Hillary Clinton's book sales are making news and not in a good way.  Plus the return of Dick Cheney.  Let's get started!

The president's foreign policy is a disaster!  Don't take our word for it.  An insightful piece from former Vice President Dick Cheney in the Wall Street Journal.

Let's continue with our presidential coverage.  Chuck Todd, NBC's big political guy and a supporter of the president, has declared the president is less popular than former President George W. Bush.  The details are in the Washington Examiner.

President Obama is considering sending troops back to Iraq.  He will not seek congressional approval?  Isn't he required to?  The latest from Roll Call.

Will Hillary Clinton become our next president?  If books sales or tv ratings are to be the judge of her popularity, she could be in for another disappointment.  It was not a good night for her appearances on CNN or Fox reports Mediate.

Dr. Oz can do no wrong except in front of congress where he took a verbal beating from the Hollywood Reporter.

What was life like searching for Sgt. Bergdahl?  Did troops put themselves in danger by searching for him.  The complete report from Politico.

Is Barry Peterson the leader of the state GOP?  One expert says yes, while another one says no.  Who is running the GOP?  Popkey on Politics has the latest from the Idaho Statesman.

First it was a 12 million dollar stadium deal.  Now it's down to a 9 million dollar naming rights deal.  Just how much money is the private marketing company making at the expense of BSU to name Bronco Stadium?  The details from the relentless Idaho Statesman.

So if you're politically incorrect the government can takeaway your trademarks that have been in place in years?  That's what happened to the Washington Redskins according to the Washington Times.

So much for free music on You Tube.  They will begin to charge the music artist soon according to the Financial Times.