No the Kevin Miler Hotlist is not endorsing the alleged World Cup fever gripping the world.  In the interest in fairness, we'd like to acknowledge a great win by the US National Team over Ghana.  Then again, when your GDP per capita is $3,400 compared to America's $50,700, how big a win is it?  Let's get started.

Let's start with Idaho and the debacle that was the state GOP convention.  What's next is reported by Channel 7.

The secret deal that is out of the box thanks to Dan Popkey is revealed in the Idaho Statesman.

Amazing that his capture and imprisonment was kept under wraps for years and now we may have a Bowe Bergdahl movie writes Yahoo News.

Pat Buchanan says let the Iraqis fight for their own country in CNS News.

Another season of HBO's Game of Thrones is in the books.  Warning, the following story breaks down the season's final episode from Grantland.

The price of food is going up!  The price of food is going up to historic levels reports CNS News.

Can anyone stop the World Cup?  The USA/Ghana match was the highest rated overnight soccer broadcast on ESPN says Deadline Hollywood.

A new report says the IRS knew that Lois Lerner's emails were destroyed for months.  Why didn't they inform congress?  The complete report from the Daily Caller.

After a four year run, the Miami Heat lose in the NBA Finals.  Is it time for Lebron to pull a Cleveland and leave for another market?   A preview of the Heat's off season courtesy of the Boston Globe.

Good News, we've captured one of the Benghazi suspects according to the Washington Post.