It's Friday and time to get ready for the weekend.  The Kevin Miller Hotlist could not resist the All American Theme considering our first story is a review of the soon to be released Captain America Movie.  So let's get rolling and enjoy!

A super hero film that's a political thriller?  That's what one of the early reviews of the Captain America 2, The Winter Soldier is about says Yahoo Movies.

Are you comfortable with the United States Navy having the ability to know about your current or expired traffic tickets?  Forget the Russians, the Chinese, and other world foes.  The Navy gets involved in 'parking wars' according to the Washington Examiner.

It looks Kuna will make another run at money for their schools.  I guess there's no such precedent for double jeopardy when it comes to levy or bond issues.  The details of the next money run are available thanks to Channel 7.

So a former Idaho State Senator hides in a closet at the statehouse?  Suddenly I don't feel so bad about my lack of a social life.  Channel 7 sheds light on the 'senator' in the closet.

Down goes Duke, Down goes Duke, down goes everyone's bracket.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Does anyone know what state Mercer is in?  The Washington Post details the latest upset.

What's Putin up to next?  A further move into Europe or perhaps Latin America?  The world is wondering and the Business Insider looks at the next five possible moves of the Russian Bear.

Is JLO killing American Idol?  It looks like the once unbeatable singing show is done according to the experts.  The show has become too much about the judges and not about the folks in my opinion.  Here's the sad disappointing numbers courtesy of showbiz411.

The First Lady is in China.  Why?  Will she demand that the Chinese government stop stealing our state secrets?  Check out CNN to learn what's on Mrs. Obama's agenda.

Police or Military?  Have the police become too militarized?  The Economist takes an in depth look at this national trend.  MRAP anyone?

A dancing congressman courtesy of The Daily Caller.