We dedicate today's Kevin Miller Hotlist to Boise Radio KIDO Legend John Duane who died over the weekend.  Mr. Duane was a beloved figure in the Treasure Valley for many years on KIDO.  He and his partner Chris Kelly woke listeners up every morning with their famous, wit, banter, and humor.  He will be missed and our prayers to John's family and extended family of listeners.

Let's take a look at latest news that have people trending, buzzing, etc...

Joffery is dead.  Joffery is dead.  Only Game of Thrones can get away with killing off one of the best onscreen villains in the last twenty years and still have us clamoring for more.  Forget who killed JR, who poisoned Joffery?  The investigation begins not with the King's Guard, but CNN.

The Bundy Ranch is over thanks to a group of Cowboys who stood up to the BLM.  This is not a movie, but it is must see courtesy of 580KIDO/You Tube.

We hope for a peaceful resolution at the Bundy Ranch.  Is there a reason why the BLM is working so hard on this land grab?  Or is there an individual orchestrating the chaos from Washington?  We have the answer in two words.  Harry Reid is behind the takeover according to Infowars.

Is it the end times or must see astronomy?  Blood Moon week starts now according to NYDailyNews.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Kansas City Jewish Center Shooting.  What causes someone to lose any type of value for human life?  The suspect is clearly disturbed as this video of him yelling Heil Hitler from You Tube.

The background of the 73 year old shooter is detailed by the Kansas City Star.

A horrible story that cannot be described concerning a mother and her seven dead babies.  The details and what's next from The Salt Lake Tribune.

It's hard to believe that the premiere of Mad Men was overshadowed last night by Game of Thrones.   In fact, it shows how fast you can go from the it show to being an afterthought in today's multi platform world.  It was the begining of the end for one of televisions most watched shows.  The New York Times has the details if you missed Don Draper's plane ride.

We all miss Ronald Reagan.  How many times have we asked 'what would Reagan do?'  Pat Buchanan has the answers courtesy of Human Events.

We'd like to leave you with a story by Dave Burnett on the late John Duane.  May he rest in Peace.  Thank you John for your love of radio, family, and your listeners.