Time to hit the ground running after a welcomed weekend off.  Then again, do we ever get time off considering the world we live in?  Piers Morgan and the Winter Olympics are done, the feds nab a Mexican Drug Kingpin, and a Reagan Biographer says the GOP is run like a crime family.  ALL these stories and more in today's hotlist.  Please share with all your friends, family, and fellow patriots.

Ever wonder how to arrest a drug kingpin?  Forget the Blacklist or Burn Notice, it's all about cooperation between the DEA and the Mexican Navy.  Who knew that Mexico had a Navy?  The New York Times details this historic victory in the drug war.

Is the Republican Party run like a crime family?  Where are the hard hitting investigations of the IRS?  Craig Shirley tell Conservative HQ via Brietbart, that the GOP leadership has now interest in going after the IRS.  Why?  Because the IRS investigating the Tea Party is a good thing.  Disturbing if true.

Piers Morgan gives himself the boot or was it CNN?  This story should be a lesson to anyone wanting to make it in TV.  It's the audience that matters.  They are the customer.  Americans will only take so much gun bashing.  The New York Times get the rare interview with Piers.  Time Magazine counts the ways Morgan failed to relate to any audience.  How thrilling for all of us!

Whether it's TV, Magazine, Newspapers, everyone wants to find out the exact way to workout.  Time Magazine breaks down what not to do when trying to lose weight.

The WWE has three big announcements.  The return of Hulk Hogan according to the Daily Mirror USA Today details their new network.  Randy Orton defies the odds and wins in the elimination chamber.  SB Nation explains how Orton is still the unified champ.

Alec Baldwin spills the beans on life inside MSNBC.  He tells the world and New York Magazine that he's done!

Did the Cleveland Browns really try to trade draft picks for San Francisco  Jim Harbaugh?  Deadspin looks at why Harbaugh might be on the way out.

The Salt Lake Tribune tells the story of what it's like to be LGBT and Mormon.

Northwest Salmon is among the best in the world.  So why are folks in America sending their fish to China to be de-boned?  The Seattle Times has the fish tale.

The tragic story told by the Oregonian of a group of Portland bar workers tried stop a woman before she died in a head on car crash.