Coming up tonight, it's Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Jim Webb, Martin O'Malley, and Lincoln Chafee or as some would call them the not so ready for prime time players.  A few thoughts, Anderson Cooper's hair sure is white!  And I miss Mr. Trump already.  For the sake of time, we will use initials to identify the candidates.  Hey... the Real Housewives of Orange County are on.  Tough call the self indulgent crew from California or the Liar, the Socialist, and the unknowns....I wonder what Dr. Carson is doing right now?

Did you know that Anderson Cooper is moderating the debate?  He's reminded us on the air at least three times in ten minutes.  Now that's attention to detail!  The pregame CNN panel says no one will attack Hillary.  Why wouldn't they attack her?  They have nothing to lose.  By the way, David Axelrod bring back the mustache!

We begin with the president gloating about his accomplishments.  Can anyone say higher premiums for health care?  Is it really necessary to have the President give a pre debate pep rally?  Where's Mr. Trump?  Back to the panel, well they didn't pick them for their looks, it must be their political incite?  Another commercial... let's see what's on ESPN 2.  Hey it's a battle of football powerhouses Arkansas State verse South Alabama.  Hmm, how many times will we be tempted to change the channel?  Housewives or Tuesday Night Football?

Oh boy, more commercials... Joe might be deported?  No not Joe Biden, Joe from the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  His wife Teresa's in jail and...wait I must turn back to CNN for wait...a Graco Car Seat Commercial and now the Dairy Farmers.. I'll check in to see how Joe's handling Teresa's incarceration.  Finally Anderson invites us to watch him moderate the debate.

Let's meet the candidates... LC.. who, eh just go with it, MM ditto, HC wearing a pantsuit, BS looking clean and JW who use to be a Republican I believe... Is there anyone on the stage under 65 or 70?  Was Sheryl Crow wearing leather pants while singing the national anthem?  Another commercial, I'm starting to Miss Megyn Kelly.  Three hundred sixty one words and we haven't started yet:(

Anderson Cooper is now wearing glasses and reminded us what his name is.  I appreciate that, since I thought he was Wolf Blitzer.  Here we go...

LC, who, ehh He tells us he's been a mayor, a senator, and a governor.  The problem is that they're all the same job in Rhode Island.  Is this guy selling a book?  He tells us he has no scandals and he's ethical.  Does anyone know the score of the Arkansas State South Alabama Game?

JW starts by smacking big money in politics.  He's proven and accomplished.  He's a former Secretary of the Navy, a Marine, a Vietnam Veteran, and numerous other foreign policy accomplishments.  His wife went to Cornell and he has five daughters and has a son.

MM tells us he's a life long Democrat.  Thank goodness, he tells us he can be an effective leader.  He tells us he can get things done.  Oh boy, MM says more work needs to be done.  He calls it economic injustice.  Gee, tell that to the political fat cats who fund these big money campaigns.  MM wants us to square our shoulders.  What happens if you prefer to slouch?

BS...brings the heat, he says middle class disappearing and all the money going to top one percent.  He says campaign system corrupt.  Then again, the dems and repubs both voted to outsource middle class jobs.  Funny Bernie doesn't mention that, ahh climate change must be stopped like Darth Vader's Death Star..BS is rattling off crime statistics.. suddenly I'm depressed.  He gets a big pop from the audience.

HC explains to us how she came from middle class roots.  I wonder what Bill Clinton is doing right now?  She tells us about what she's done to make America better, look at what she did for Middle East?  She demands that company share profits with the workers.  Funny her husband proposed and passed NAFTA which started the offshoring of American Jobs.

Cooper starts with HC for being a flip flopper..  Will you say anything to get elected?  Duh!  HC says that she evolves and that TPP didn't meet her standards.  I guess there wasn't a donation to the Clinton Foundation.  Coop asks here again is she's a flip flopper, watch out AC, it won't be good for you if you push her too much.  She's starting to get angry... don't make her angry... Coop goes to BC on being a socialist.. BS says his socialism is based on morality.  He attacks the rich...He says the economy is rigged!  He says we should learn for Denmark?

Coop goes over BS's lib record... He honeymooned in the Soviet Union.  I guess Leningrad must've been quite romantic in the day.  BC continues to attack capitalist.  HC jumps in to try and make a point at his expense.  BC looks mad or at least passionate.  He's legitimate and believes what he says, I can't say the same for HC.

Coop goes to LC..WHY???  LC, who, ehh, anyway he says he's a block..errr a block of granite.  MM is asks about his record of being the mayor of Baltimore.  Coop looks like he's sweating already..He appears to be trying too hard.  MM reminds me of a quiet math teacher or a librarian.  He emotional goes over lives lost due to crime in Baltimore.  Coop goes on and MM says he restored peace in Baltimore.

JW is asked about his opposition to affirmative action.  He says diversity.. sorry I got lost on that one.

Ohhh Coop goes to the gun issue... BS gets the first question on guns...he says he won't shield gun companies from the law, he goes on and on about mental health.  HC says BS is not tough enough on guns.  She lectures us that we need to get the NRA!  HC goes over BS's record against the Brady Bill.  She rallies against how bad the gun manufacturers are...BS tells HC all the shouting in the world will not stop gun violence.  Expand background checks, etc..

MM says he's the best gun grabber ever, well not really, he brags about his gun grabbing legislation in Baltimore.  He shares the story of victims of the Aurora Shooting.  BS vainly tries to explain the difference between rural and urban Americans.  BS and MM go at it, while HC cackles.  JW we need to find out who should get guns.  He explains the background of the Virginia Tech Shooting.  JW says we should have the right to protect our families.  He cites that VIPs have bodyguards.

LC touts common sense gun reform.  MM vilifies the NRA.  Did we accomplish anything with this exchange?  HC is asked about Russia and our boy Putin.  She blames Putin.  HC says she'll stand up to Putin.  She brags at how Obama is standing up to Russia in Syria?  WHAT?  I believe she wants to threaten Putin with a demerit if he misbehaves.  BS tells us no ground troops in Syria.

Dana Bash goes to LC... about HC...  he smacks HC for her vote on the Iraq War.  He begins to undermine her credibility.  HC says Obama values her judgement and touts her experience as Secretary of State.  Has anyone looked at the stability of the Middle East since she became Sec. of State?  BS tells everyone he didn't fall for the Bush argument for the war.

BS says he would vote for war if our country is threatened.  Coop goes to MM... isn't time for a commercial?  MM says military option off the table.  He re-litigates the Iraq War.  Dude, I'm tired.. what time is it?  MM dodges the HC question..Wow, 730 already.  HC smacks MM for endorsing her in 2008.

Scary that we're already flying in Syria and no one knows.  HC wants to bring Russia to the table.  JW goes over how bad the Middle East is... Iraq mistake, Arab Spring, and Iran Nuclear Weapons...  He says the greatest strategic threat is CHINA... I knew it!  He smacks Coop for trying to stop him.  JW calls out the Chinese!

BS says Putin will have regrets?  HC is asked about JW's comments and now Benghazi.  She goes over the background of the war in Libya.  MM says we need to do a better job of human intelligence on the ground.  He mentions Chris Stevens by name.  JW says there was no threat in Libya.  He says it was not a wise thing to do.  JW is asked about BS being a conscientiousness objector.  He says he has no problem with BS.

BS goes over his war record and says he's not a pacifistic.  War should be the last resort he says.  Greatest National Security threat LC go..chaos in the Middle East, MM Iran and climate change, HC threat of nuclear weapons, BS climate change, JW China...Finally a commercial break!

Uh oh, HC is asked about the emails.  She says she's the most transparent.  She attacks the committee and get's applause.  She smirks as she attacks the process.  Coop follows up with the FBI investigation.  Somehow I feel like it's 1995 again, she dodges the question.  Uh oh, BS says that HC is right, that the American people are tired of hearing about her damn emails.  SO MUCH FOR THE LAW BS...

Are they recasting for the bar scene in Star Wars?  HC cackles... LC who could be cast for revenge of the Nerds part 7 tries to tell folks it's important that we have to keep our secrets secure.  MM dodges the question.   Ahhh Don Lemon asks about race..Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?  Okay, BS says black lives matter and he says the criminal justice system is broken.  There goes the police vote for him!  MM praises the black live matter movement.  What about all lives?  MM speaks about his record as mayor of Baltimore.

HC says Obama is a great moral leader and the evil republicans have foiled him at every turn.  Didn't she say at the beginning of this debate that she would bring people together.  Oh boy, JW complains about his lack of time.  BS says he will raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour.  HC talks about her blessing of being in the money.  She goes after the republicans again.. yawn...

HC says she'll go after all the banks.  MM and BS say that they need to go further to stop the banks.  BS wants to break up the banks.  He vows to break up the big banks!  HC says she scolded Wall Street before the big crash.  I guess she wasn't that effective.  HC vows to jail bankers.  BS calls HC naive for trying to reign in the big money.  Suddenly I miss Barack Obama.  Too much HC... Maybe it's her voice.  MM warns about the shadow bankers.

HC brags about how she and Obama crashed a meeting with the Chinese on Climate Change.  What does that have to do with banking?  BS recalls that he wouldn't let the economy crash.  JW reminds us of what he did during too big to fail.  He complains once again that he hasn't had equal time.  Coop smacks LC for not knowing what he voted for on bank reforms.  He blames Bush and his tax cuts.

Dana Bash asks BS about free college.  Socialist BS brags about taxing the rich.  He says that college will be free for everyone!  HC says she'll refinance all student loan debt.  She wants free college for everyone, but she wants students to work 10 hours a week.  Dana asks HC about expanding Social Security System.  HC attacks the GOP again.  BS reports on how dems and repubs wanted to cut Social Security.  He says lift the caps on social security tax.

Juan Carlos from CNN goes after BS about not voting for immigration reform.  BS explains how the guest worker program is indentured servitude.  That workers can be given the boot if they complain.  HC is asked whether Obama Care should be given to the illegal immigrants.  She deftly moves away from the issue.

MM proudly wants to go further on immigration reform.  I believe he wants to legalize everyone.  He says wages will go up.  JW has no problem with the illegal immigrants getting Obama Care.  He says he wants to define our borders.  HC is in favor of college tuition for illegal immigrants.

Coop ask BS about veterans.  Props to Cooper for bringing this important issue up.  No news organization has brought up the issue during the republican's debates.  LC is asked about the Patriot Act and the rise of the NSA.  He and HC say they don't regret their vote.  HC blames Bush, which one, I don't know.  BS would shut down the NSA surveillance program.  Ed Snowden is applauding from somewhere in Russia.

LC says bring home Snowden, HC he needs to face the music, MM jail time, BS penalty for big Ed, JW leave to the legal system.

LC nervously goes over the mistakes of the Obama Administration, MM vows to go after the banks, HC says she'll be the first woman president, BS accurately details the power of corporate America, drug companies, media, etc... JW says he would not use executive authority as much as Obama.

Coming up next, who was a dope smoker?  I'm not kidding...stay tuned true believer!  Breaking News..South Alabama is leading Arkansas State 24-17 midway through the third quarter.

Coop goes after HC about being an insider.  She plays the I'm the first woman president card.  She says that she's a fighter.  MM goes after the gridlock and the lack of economic opportunities in America.  HC continues to attack the GOP.  BS is not a billionaire and does not have a Super Pac.

Don Lemon plays a message from Facebook about Climate Change.  MM compares climate change to putting a man on the Moon.  He glows as he describes a Green America under his regime.  JW explains why he loves the fossil fuels...  He loves the nukes...He accurately details that China and India are the world's biggest polluters.  BS quotes Pope Francis on the Climate.  BS attacks big business.  HC says she and Obama were 'hunting for the Chinese', like Jack Bauer?  She tells us they forced the Chinese to comply with environmental laws?  Has she been to China lately?

HC is asked about Carly Fiorina's mandated maternity leave.  HC says we can do everything and that she has all the answers.  Dana Bash continues to follow up and HC panders to anyone who wants paid family leave.  HC attacks the GOP for Planned Parenthood.

BS says we are the only country that we do not provide family paid medical leave.  HC bobs her head when BS speaks.  MM agrees with the other two.  HC continues the head nodding.  Whatever happened to LC and JW?

Juan Carlos asks BS about legalizing dope.  BS says he'd vote for it!  He goes after CEOs and hints and decriminalizing marijuana.  HC didn't smoke dope and will not take a position on it.  She cautions about the use of marijuana and mentions the challenge of people imprisoned for smoking pot.

Ohh back to Don Lemon for BS, how will you get the GOP to compromise on big issues.  BS wants to bring people together.  He calls repubs obstructionists.  Really, who passed TPP?  Oh great, another break!

Final question... which enemy are you the most proud of... LC..the coal lobby.. MM NRA, HC drug companies, Iranians and Republicans, BS Wall Street and the Pharmasuitcal Industry, JW the enemy soldier that tried to kill me

LC thanks everyone and the Facebook, he goes over all the challenges and then goes over his record, he knows how to do a lot of things, he has no scandals in thirty years of public service,

JW says we've heard a lot of promises and rhetoric, he wants to take on the tough issues to find solutions, he knows how to lead, he pleads for help

MM tells everyone how grateful he is for being on the stage, he says how different their debate was from the GOP's, I know he's talking, I just don't know if anyone is listening to him, he's like the person who can't get a word in during a conversation.

BS explains that America is a great country.  He then goes over his long list of problems and how big government is the solution.  BS tells us that people need to stand up against the billionaires.

HC, funny how she gets to go last?, she lectures us on how great their debate was compared to the republicans.  She tells us that America has been knocked down.  Hey didn't the economy recover under Obama?  Never-mind, she tells us that she'll lead America to its best days.