Kevin Miller takes calls on the Michael Sam kiss and asks 'was this must see TV.'  Callers phone in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by congressional candidate Bryan Smith.  Mr. Smith gives his take on last night's televised debate with Congressman Simpson.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Smith discuss the budget, amnesty, and other election issues.



Kevin Miller looks at the GOP's views on Amnesty and the upcoming vote.  Kevin Miller looks at the latest in the Donald Sterling Saga.  He asks folks to vote for him in the Statesaman's best of the treasure valley contest section 13.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Dave Petso.  Dave tells Kevin how to get rich and they look at the Treasure Valley housing market.  Kevin and Dave discuss  the possible immigration deal in Washington.


Kevin Miller asks the listeners their thoughts on the local election and whether Mike Sam's kiss is must see TV.  He shares the Washington Times story detailing a possible immigration deal featuring Congressman Labrador.


Kevin Miller expects to speak with Big Ed, but Big Ed is not there so he talks to Gene from Kuna.  They take a look at culture and Sharia Law.  Kevin Miller plays the newest Donald Sterling cuts and takes calls from listeners.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Race for the Cure race this weekend.  Kevin and Dave discuss the Michael Sam draft and its impact the NFL.  Kevin takes a look the local elections a week from Tuesday.