Kevin Miller takes calls on gay marriage, the veteran's scandal, and primary predictions.


Kevin Miller is joined by Senator Russ Fulcher who is running for governor.  They discuss tomorrow's primary.  Kevin discusses the scandal involving the VA.


Kevin Miller speaks with State Representative Lawrence Denny who is running for secretary of state.  They discuss the duties of secretary of state which includes the land board, voter integrity, and other issues.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Harley Brown who is running for the republican nomination for governor.  Brown's comments have appeared on Meet the Press, Hardball, the Today Show and other national media outlets.  Kevin listens as Brown describes his plan for Idaho.


Kevin Miller continues to look at the national reaction to the Idaho Gubernatorial Debate.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue and let's folks know about the Veteran's Administration scandal.



Kevin Miller reviews the national press coverage of the Idaho Gubernatorial Debate.  Kevin Miller shares clips from The Today Show, MSNBC, and takes calls on the topic.


Kevin Miller and Dave recap Idaho's Largest Garage Sale at Expo Idaho.  They look at the Pacers beating the Heat.  Dave asks Kevin his take on the upcoming primary.  Kevin details what both gubernatorial candidates should've done during the campaign.