Kevin Miller is joined by Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio.  Jeff examines the national reaction to Bergdahl's return.  Kevin looks at the murse and urges folks not to watch the World Cup.  Kevin states that soccer is socialism.


Kevin Miller is joined by Mark Johnson from Channel 7 live from San Antonio, Texas.  Mark is at Fort Sam Houston where Bowe Bergdahl is undergoing medical treatment.  Mark tells Kevin what type of rehabilitation Bergdahl will go though.


Kevin Miller is joined by Alma the Anti-Fracker discuss fuel prices in Idaho.  Alma details the dangers of fracking and urges folks to stop it in Idaho.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jared Halpren of Fox News Radio.  Jared previews the race for majority leader.  Kevin and Jared detail Washington's reaction to the Iraq situation.  Kevin looks at man purses and what happened at the state GOP Convention in Moscow.


Kevin Miller looks at the life and times of radio legend Casey Kasem.  Kevin goes over the details of his death.  He speaks of some of the special features of Casey's Top 40 like the 'long distance dedication.'


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the situation in Iraq.  Kevin details the split in the Iraq Government and the world's reaction.  He breaks down the Sunday political shows and previews what's next from Washington to Baghdad.

Kevin looks at the life of former Pittsburgh Steeler Head Football Coach Chuck Noll.  Noll died at the age of 82 in Pittsburgh on Saturday.  Kevin goes over last night's win by the San Antonio Spurs over the Miami Heat.