Kevin continues his conversation about the IRS. He takes calls from the returning Liberal Steve, Tom Munds, and Walt from Emmett.  They go back and forth seeking solutions on how the people can take back their government.



Kevin Miller is joined by Becky Gerritson of the Wetumpka, Alabama Tea Party.  She details the IRS targeting her and her Tea Party.  She explains the danger of the IRS targeting conservative and christian groups based on their political thought.


Kevin Miller interviews attorney Chris Troupis.  They breakdown what's next in the leadership challenges within the state GOP.  Mr. Troupis reveals that state GOP Chairman Barry Peterson will issue a press release on the matter discussed on the air this morning.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso discuss money news.  Kevin looks to Dave to explain whether a not there is such a thing as a safe investment.  Kevin and Dave take calls comparing the markets to gold and silver.  Kevin has Dave comment on the front page story in today's paper reporting more folks buying their homes with cash.


Kevin Miller examines Secretary of State John Kerry's push to have LGBT ambassadors.  Kevin then shares his exclusive interview with state GOP Chairman Barry Peterson.  Barry goes over changing the locks at the state headquarters, staff turnover and the future of the state GOP.


Kevin Miller examines the controversial IRS hearings held on Capitol Hill last week.  He comments on what Paul Ryan and others said to the IRS Commissioner.  Kevin asks why there are separate rules for government and the people who run it.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Iraq situation and the tie in World Cup Soccer.  Kevin gives a shout out to several early morning listeners.  Kevin wonders what live was like without smartphones.  He admits he doesn't go to movies anymore.