Kevin Miller looks at the Army saying they will allow Bowe Bergdahl back to active duty.  Kevin Miller goes over Bowe's captivity and release.  He hears from listeners who give their thoughts on Bergdahl's future.


Kevin Miller looks at the immigration issue and takes calls.  Several folks call in to voice their thoughts on the issue.  Terry from State College Pennsylvania stops by to say hi.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the immigration issue.  He is joined by special VIP Mystery Guest Pat Miller otherwise known as his Mom.  Kevin and Pat Miller preview the Snake River Stampede.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso who discusses the latest market news.  Kevin Miller and Dave look at last week's market.  They look at a possible trade war, the worldwide currency, and predicting the soon to be released earnings report.

Governor Otter and First Lady Lori Otter stop by to preview the Snake River Stampede.  They speak about Western Values and what folks can expect during Stampede week.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Linda Clark of the newly named Western Ada School District.  Kevin Miller and Dr. Clark go over the levy proposal, the new bus contract, and the reason for the district name change.  Kevin Miller and Dr. Clark discuss state and local standards for high school graduation.


Kevin Miller speaks with Ken Nickademus at the Buckaroo Breakfast.  Ken discusses the economic and social impact of the Snake River Stampede now in its ninety ninth year.

Kevin looks at Bowe Bergdahl returning to active duty.  He takes calls on the issue of Bowe's competency.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the two big weekend stories.  The first is that Bowe Bergdhahl is now ready to return to active duty.  The second story is that of Lebron James returning to Cleveland.