Kevin Miller goes live to Washington DC to speak with Congressman Mike Simpson.  They discuss the INL, the potato industry, the border, the Malaysian Plane, and Gaza.


Kevin Miller debates Phil Hardy on the state of local and national politics.  Kevin and Phil take calls on the Ukraine Issue, jobs, and state party politics.  Several people call to voice their frustrations with the current political climate.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio discussing the latest in the Boston Bombing Case.  Kevin takes calls on the issue of privacy verses security in America today.



Kevin Miller looks at the apathy involving the current political and economic issues.  Kevin Miller takes a look at the border crisis and takes calls on this issue.  Kevin shares his thoughts on the life and times of James Garner.


Kevin Miller goes live to Jerusalem to speak with Fox News Radio's Emily Wither.  Emily details the very latest from Gaza.  Oh from Eagle calls in along with Gene from Kuna.  They both talk about the border crisis.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Ed Klein.  Ed is the author of Blood Feud.  Ed goes over the latest disclosures about the Clintons and the Obamas.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss their weekend.  They go over the latest about the plane being shot down, Gaza, and the border.  Kevin and Dave discuss the possibility of moving some of the college football games to a spring season.