Kevin Miller takes calls on the border issue and whether Idaho should allow gaming machines at race tracks.  Kevin argues that expanding the video gambling industry could lead to official casinos in Idaho.


Kevin Miller is joined by Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch who breaks down their Freedom of Information request.  The group believes the public has a right to view the photos of the body of Osama Bin Laden.


Kevin Miller interviews Kimberly Adams from Fox News Radio live from Cairo, Egypt.  She gives her first hand account of the fighting in Gaza.  She further gives the Egyptian perspective on the war between Israel and Hamas.

Kevin Miller looks at the installation of gaming machines at Les Bois Race Park.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Dave Petso.  Dave previews the markets and details the latest in mergers.  Kevin Miller and Dave go over the bond market.  The conversation covers jobs, the markets, and the medical field.


Kevin Miller interviews Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  She goes over the details of the possibility of impeaching President Obama.  Kevin Miller looks at George Will's comments about assimilating the kids crossing the border.


Kevin Miller interviews New York Times Best Selling Author Ed Klein.  They go over the relationship between the Clintons and the Obamas.


Kevin Miller and Robin go over their weekend.  Robin reveals that she saw the new Planet of the Apes Movie.  Kevin go over his weekend involving church and lawn mowing.  The conversation turns serious as both look at the Ray Rice and Erin Andrews controversy.