Kevin Miller discusses the Melissa Harris Perry's comments about the Oklahoma beheading as an example of workplace violence.  He asks the listeners if they agree with President Obama's comments that America is the world's policeman.


Kevin Miller interviews best selling author Douglas Brunt about his new book The Means.  Mr. Brunt gives insight into his research for the book involving presidential candidates and image makers.  He also shares the personal side of his relationship with his wife Fox News' Megyn Kelly.


Kevin Miller goes live to Jerusalem to speak with Fox News Radio's Emily Wither.  She breaks down the Israeli reaction to President Obama's interview last night.  Emily reports on a female lawyer who was tortured and killed by ISIS.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso look at the president's comments on Sixty Minutes last night.  Kevin and Dave look at the economic costs of war.  Dave previews the markets and reviews last week's market performance.


Kevin Miller looks at the Oklahoma beheading suspect.  He gives his take on what should be done to secure the country.  Kevin Miller takes calls from 580 KIDO listeners.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Democratic Gubernatorial candidate AJ Balukoff.  Mr. Balukoff shares his vision on jobs, education, and Idaho's future.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the fallout of the Oklahoma Beheading.  Kevin brings up that one network calls it workplace violence.  They both bring up the parallels to the Fort Hood Shootings.

Kevin Miller and Dave review Boise State's loss to Air Force.  They disagree on who is responsible for the loss.