Kevin Miller takes calls on gay marriage in Idaho.  He is joined by David Ferdindad that speaks about the loss of music icon Paul Revere.


Kevin Miller speaks with State School Superintendent candidate, Sherri Ybarra.  She shares her ideas on how to strengthen Idaho Schools.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the US Supreme Court's decision not to hear the same sex marriage ban.  Several listeners call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners about the value of higher education.  Several folks call in critical of the costs of college tuition.

Kevin Miller announces that the US Supreme Court has allowed same sex marriage in five states.  Kevin Miller teases that topic for the eight AM hour.


Kevin Miller interviews Dr. Gerald Lameiro about the economy.  They discuss real steps on getting America back to work.  Dr. Lameiro gives his take on the news that HP will split into two companies.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners remembering music icon Paul Revere.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the governor's race.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions for Otter, Balukoff, and Bujack.  Kevin Miller reports on the latest Ebola cases.


Kevin Miller speaks with Gregg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  They discuss recent firearms cases in Idaho.  Gregg urges everyone to vote.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss Dave's review of Gone Girl.  They look at the Ebola story and wonder why people are making it political.  Kevin Miller and Dave review last week's college football games.