Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners reacting to an ad blaming the republicans for Ebola.  Kevin Miller reminds everyone to join him Friday morning at Chick Filet for a live broadcast celebrating five years on the air at 580 KIDO.


Kevin Miller interviews Libertarian Candidate for Governor John Bujak.  Mr. Bujak previews his debate tomorrow night on local television.  Several folks call into voice their opinion on his chances to win.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jim, Alma's husband about Alma's arrest.  Jim asks the officials to release Alma.  Kevin Miller takes calls of support for Alma.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso for their weekly talk on money.  They look at the fall of Micron last week.  Kevin Miller asks Dave about the rise of China as a global power.  They look at how the lowering of oil prices has impacted the economy.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls on Idaho Gay Marriage.  Kevin previews the case against Alma the AntiFracker.  Kevin Miller covers the latest American to come down with Ebola.


Kevin Miller looks at the legalizing of Gay Marriage in Idaho.  He shares the comments of Pat Buchanan and takes phone calls on the topic.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest on the fight against ISIS.  Several senators believe ground troops are needed to stop them.  Kevin Miller and Dave look at the arrest of Alma the Anti-Fracker in Payette.