Kevin Miller examines the statewide candlelight vigil by the add the words campaign.  He takes a look at a story from the hotlist detailing a fraternity and sorority party featuring CMT verses BET.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  They discuss the Malaysian Flight 370 and the overall safety of air travel.  Kevin Miller looks at when the governor will sign the campus carry bill.


Kevin Miller continues to look at animal cruelty laws and their lack of enforcement in Idaho.  Kevin wonders what State Senator Michelle Stennett will say on the Today Show.  She's going to comment on Campus Carry Bill.



Kevin Miller details the 'add the words' campaign's latest protest.  He debates cockfighting with Ronnie from Caldwell.  Kevin Miller then takes a look at the high cost of owning your own business.


Kevin Miller goes live to Jerusalem with Emily Wither of Fox News Radio.  They discuss the detaining of an Iranian ship.  Kevin Miller takes a look at Utah Cockfighting and animal cruelty laws in Idaho


Kevin Miller profiles a Utah Mom who decided to do something about kids being exposed to adult t shirts.  She bought them all from a store in a Salt Lake Mall.  Kevin Miller then begins to discuss the rising price of gasoline.



Kevin Miller details that an Idaho State Senator will appear on the Today Show this morning.  He asks the question, why hasn't the governor signed the Campus Carry Bill now that it has passed the house and senate.


Kevin Miller and Dave take a look at a few issues.  They discuss the high school boys basketball championship game.  They discuss gas prices rising and preview the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.