Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio's Steve Taylor, who has an ISIS update.  Kevin Miller and Steve discuss whether or not American Troops will be sent to the region.


Kevin Miller speaks best selling author Robert Spencer.  They discuss the ISIS threat in America and abroad.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Troy Rohn of Boise State University.  Dr. Rohn lobbies to pressure the board of pharmacy to pass a law protecting patients.  They both talk about expected advances in dealing with Alzheimer's Disease.


Kevin Miller interview Dave Petso about the volatility in the markets.  Dave gives an indepth look at Micron.  Kevin Miller takes calls on job opportunities in Idaho.


Kevin Miller looks at same sex marriage in Idaho.  He takes calls from listeners who are concerned about churches being pressured to preform gay marriages.


Kevin Miller interviews Mark Krikorian from the Centers for Immigration Studies.  Kevin Miller asks Mark about the Ebola and ISIS threat from the border.  Mark tells Kevin Miller when the president will make a move to legalize the illegals in America.


Kevin Miller tells Dave about his experience at a recent sleep study appointment.  Kevin Miller cannot believe the amount of time it takes to get into a sleep study.  He explains the difference between the home sleep study and going to the sleep lab.