Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  She shares the national perspective on tomorrow's election.  Kevin Miller reports on the rally to support an Eagle High School Teacher who could lose his job.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by Idaho State Senator Russ Fulcher.  The senator gives his take on the election and what's next for the legislature.


Kevin Miller goes one on one with Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate John Bujak.  Several folks call in to agree and disagree with his views.  He asks for their vote in tomorrow's big election.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dave Petso from Petso Financial.  He breaks down the record run of the markets.  Kevin Miller and Dave take calls from listeners with money questions.


Kevin Miller interviews Emily Wither from Fox News Radio from Jerusalem.  She updates the audience concerning the latest movements on ISIS.  Kevin Miller examines the life and death of Brittany Maynard.


Kevin Miller speaks with Steve Pankey who is running for governor.  Mr. Pankey breaks down the election issues like funding, education, and his role as the next governor.  Several folks call in and challenge him. Mr. Pankey tells Kevin Miller why he believes he was excluded from the tax payer funded TV debate.

Kevin Miller and Mr. Pankey discuss the same sex marriage issue in Idaho. Mr. Pankey reveals that he's gay and is against the add the words campaign.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the weekend NASCAR fracas.  Kevin Miller states that the new format is ruining NASCAR.  They look at the possible waning popularity of college football.