Kevin Miller is joined by Tea Party Bob and Terry from State College PA.  They urge everyone to donate Turkeys to the Boise Rescue Mission.  Reverend Bill stops by to go over the needs of the community.


Kevin Miller speaks with Meagan from the Boise Rescue Mission.  Mike calls in taking issue with Kevin's review of body shops.  They go back and forth on what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to being a body shops.


Kevin Miller shares the comments of a climate expert concerning global warming in today's world.  Kevin Miller takes calls from folks that comment on global warming during the sub zero tempatures in the Treasure Valley.


Kevin Miller hears from Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  She goes over the battle concerning the president's move to legalize the illegals.  Kevin Miller and Rachel go over what a government shutdown would mean to folks during the holidays.


Kevin Miller goes over the comments of Jonathan Gruber concerning Obama Care.  Kevin Miller details the challenges that most folks will have to face now that the Obama Care waivers are over.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller speaks with Meagan of the Boise Rescue Mission.  She details the need and what happens when the weather goes bad in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller and Meagan describe what is need at the mission during the holidays and year round.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the NFL being raided by the government.  They then move on to whether or not high school football games should have been played over the weekend.  Too Fly Bry has already dropped off two turkeys!