Kevin Miller shares a video from Saturday Night Live mocking the president's executive order.  Watch the video here.  Kevin Miller takes calls from several folks looking at the new congress.


Kevin Miller and Channel 7's Maggie O'Mara previewing tonight's story on a family expecting four children.  Kevin Miller and Maggie discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving.  Kevin Miller takes calls from several folks on jobs and the future of country.


Kevin Miller goes live to Washington DC to hear from Senator Mike Crapo.  The senator goes over the election results, what happens during a lame duck congress, and what he hopes to accomplish in the new senate.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso talk money and retirement.  Dave goes over how long the interest rates will stay low.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who have money questions.


Kevin Miller is joined by Greg Pruett from the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  They go over the changes in gun laws in the state.  Greg previews the upcoming legislative session involving the second amendment.


Kevin Miller interviews intelligence expert Kerry Patton.  He reports on the latest bombing in Afghanistan, the latest on ISIS, and what country he would like America to invade.  Kerry tells Kevin about his new movie he's directing.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the weekend football games and discuss the future of TV sports.  Kevin Miller gives an account of Miller's Mission.  They both discuss the pros and cons of Idaho requiring domestic violence offenders to register with the state.