Kevin Miller looks at whether schools should ban Santa Claus.  He says that folks should say Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays.


Kevin Miller takes calls on police tactics in today's world.  Kevin Miller shares his thoughts on how to stop terrorism in America.  He plays audio clips of folks defending anti-terrorism tactics.


Kevin Miller pays tribute to 'Hotel' Ryan French who is leaving the show to join the military.  Several folks call in to say goodbye and wish him luck.

Kevin Miller looks at whether Texas should follow Idaho as an open carry state.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls on Ferguson, gun rights, and smoking pot on Indian Reservations.  Kevin Miller introduces a story about Texas becoming an open carry state.


Kevin Miller looks at the reaction and coverage of the CIA Torture Report.  He then covers the Ferguson like protests in Boise.  He takes listener reaction on both topics.


Kevin Miller speaks with Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch discussing the CIA interrogation report.  They look at why the media continues to cover up several news stories.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the latest on the ISIS hostage situation in Australia.  Kevin Miller compares the real life war on terror to the latest season of Homeland.

Kevin Miller tells Dave about his vacation and they talk about the NFL and the Fiesta Bowl.