Kevin Miller interviews Jennifer Claasen from the Idaho Miss Amazing Pageant.  For more information, you can email Jennifer at jenniferclaassen@missamazingpageant.com.

Kevin Miller looks at the national news reporting on campus carry.


Kevin Miller previews today's Senate hearing concerning Fracking in Idaho.  He speaks with activist Alma Haase.

Kevin Miller and Alma take calls from concerned listeners who worry about possibly losing their property rights.


Kevin Miller interviews Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio about the safest, most reliable cars in America according to Consumer Reports.

Kevin Miller reviews the CPAC meeting in Washington DC.  He shares clips from all the possible republican presidential candidates who spoke over the weekend.


Kevin Miller and Dave Petso look at the Idaho Senate's proposal to raise the state minimum wage.  They break down the latest trends in 401ks, IRAs, and mutual funds.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland of Fox New Radio.  She previews the speech by Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu before congress.

They go over the comments made by Secretary of State John Kerry on the Sunday Shows referencing the Middle East / ISIS Situation.


Kevin Miller examines the cost of proposed levies and bonds for Idaho Schools that will go to the voters on March 10th.

Kevin Miller looks at how the national news is reporting bills to allow students to carry firearms on college campuses.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the Saturday Night Live bit that makes fun of ISIS.  Kevin Miller takes issue with SNL over the tone of the bit.

Kevin Miller and Dave discuss raising the minimum wage in Idaho.  Both make points on how it will impact jobs and businesses in Idaho.