Kevin Miller speaks with BK Development Director Mike Russell.  Mr. Russell talks about the challenges of fundraising at BK.  He credits the community with supporting BK for over fifty years.


Kevin Miller interviews BK Activities Director Tom Shanahan.  Mr. Shanahan describes the benefits of speech, debate, and athletics in developing students after BK.

Kevin Miller interviews BK Student Carson Tester.  Mr. Tester shares his dream about going into sports management after college.


Kevin Miller speaks with current BK Senior Rich Sabala, who shares his plans after school.  Mr. Sabala describes what he'd like to do after graduating college.


Kevin Miller interviews Bishop Kelly History Teacher David Skinner. Mr. Skinner shares with Kevin Miller the importance of developing critical thinking skills.


Kevin Miller interviews Bishop Kelly Principal Mike Caldwell who shares the profile of the students at Bishop Kelly.  Mr. Caldwell gives parents tips on how to motivate their kids to get into college.


Kevin Miller speaks with Bishop Kelly President Rich Raimondi about the strategic direction of Bishop Kelly and the challenges of educating kids in today's world.

Kevin Miller looks at whether parents should be forced to vaccinate their kids.