Kevin Miller speaks with Lauara Simic, Vice President for Advancement at Boise State.  She details the challenges of students who are dealing with the cost of paying for college.


Kevin Miller is joined by Mary Andrews who shares her insight about the BSU program that benefits the Vista neighborhood in Boise.  She reports on the program's efforts to teach students real life skills that make a difference to members of the community.


Kevin Miller speaks with Ben Victor from the sculpture program at BSU.  He's part of the professors of practice program.  Ben Victor previews the new art building on campus.  He shares with Kevin Miller the many career opportunities for artists.


Kevin Miller interviews Camille Eddy and John Cashin from the Microgravity program at Boise State.  They share their real world training with NASA.  Camille tells Kevin Miller about her experience of introducing President Obama at BSU.


Kevin Miller speaks with Dr. Kevin Learned from the Venture College Campus at Boise State.  Dr. Learned describes the  entrepreneur program at BSU.  He shares with Kevin Miller what really happens on shows like the profit and shark tank.


Kevin Miller examines several issues live from Boise State University.  He looks at the gun debate at the statehouse today, the Hillary Clinton email controversy, and the latest in the Iranian Peace Talks.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the NCAA Mens and Womens Basketball Tournament.  Kevin Miller reports on the arrest of Robert Durst who was the subject of the HBO Documentary.