Kevin Miller gets the latest car news from Jennifer Keiper of Fox News Radio.  They talk about the latest recall news and what consumers should look out for when buying a new car.  Kevin Miller continues to remember John Duanne and let's everyone know his funeral mass will be at Holy Apostles in Meridian Wednesday at 2pm.


Kevin Miller is joined by Coffee Boss Alex from The Human Bean Coffee Shops in the Treasure Valley.  Coffee Boss Alex shares tips on getting your best value for your money, the latest on the recent robberies, and how to succeed as a small business person.


Kevin Miller continues the memorial of John Duane with the panel taking calls.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso, Chris Kelly, John Duane's wife, and daughter in studio.  Governor Otter calls in to remember John and share his memories.


Kevin Miller updates the situation surrounding the Bundy Ranch.  He discloses the infowars story linking Harry Reid to the showdown.  He takes calls on the subject and listens to folks calling in about John Duane.  Kevin Miller shares the Bill O'Reilly / Sharyl Atkisson interview.


Kevin Miller is joined by Fox News Radio Reporter Jeff Monosso who reports on the shooting in Kansas.  Kevin Miller opens up the phone lines about the death of John Duane.  Kevin Miller provides an update on the Bundy Ranch.


Kevin Miller and Dave speak about the death of former KIDO Host John Duane who died over the weekend.  Dave talks about John's contributions to the Treasure Valley and what it was like working with him.  Kevin Miller covers the Bronco Spring Game and the 13,000 folks who showed up.