Kevin Miller is joined by Timberline Activities Director Tol Gropp.  They discuss the role of athletics in education today.  Kevin Miller gives away tickets to the PBR and continues discussing the Fort Hood Shooting.


Kevin Miller speaks with Karen Moss, faculty advisor to the student council at Timberline High School.  They're joined by students Colby Schow and Aunna Erickson who discuss student life, how parents can motivate their kids, and life after high school


Kevin Miller is joined by Rich Lapp and Tara Sullivan  from the Music and Theater Departments at Timberline High School.  Kevin Miller gives away tickets to the Professional Bull Riders Event Friday night at the Idaho Center.


Kevin Miller is joined by teacher Kelly Gonser and a group of students who explain the Wolf Connection Leadership Program.  They detail the daily life of students in the Treasure Valley and their roll in developing a prom for students and senior citizens.  Kevin Miller looks at whether the Fort Hood Shooting is terror related.


Kevin Miller is joined by Timberline English/Language Arts teacher Laurie Roberts.  They discuss what motivates today's students.  How parents can help their children learn in this multi-media world.  Kevin Miller looks at the GM recall hearings yesterday and takes phone calls on car safety.


Kevin Miller details the latest on the Fort Hood Shooting.  He asks whether or not the military should be armed when they're not deployed.  TImberline High School Principal Richard Webb joins Kevin Miller to discuss education issues.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Fort Hood shooting and what's next.  Should military personnel be allowed to be armed on base?  Dave brings up his concern about Meridian Schools banning a book.