Kevin Miller shares some quality time with Lt. Gov. Brad Little.  He details what the next legislative session will look like.  Lt. Gov Little describes the challenges of educating kids in Idaho.  He worries about the overreach of the federal government and states that we need to empower entrepreneurs to create Idaho Jobs.


Kevin Miller interviews Senator Jim Risch about the GOP win.  Kevin and the senator take calls and discuss ISIS, Pastor Saeed, and Ebola.  Several folks call in and ask Senator Risch about amnesty.


Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners giving their feedback on the election.  Kevin reports on Oregon's move to legalize recreational pot.  Congressman Mike Simpson phones in to talk about the new direction in Washington DC.


Kevin Miller speaks with Idaho State GOP Chairman Stephen Yates who organized last night's big win.  Chairman Yates describes how the party unified after a tough primary season.  He goes over the national significance of the republicans controlling both houses of Congress.


Kevin Miller goes over the entire election roster from last night's historic win for state and national republicans.  He takes calls from several listeners who give their take on their vote.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at last night's election results.  They discuss whether or not the republicans will live up to there billing.  Kevin Miller looks at the last two years of the Obama Administration.