Kevin Miller, Patriot Ray, and Tea Party look at Senator Larry Craig's return to state politics.  Tea Party Bob looks at the cost of energy and the rising cost of tuition at state colleges.  Patriot Ray shares his insight on the upcoming channel 7 debate.


Kevin Miller and the panel take calls on the gubernatorial campaign.


Kevin Miller and than panel looks at the governor's race.  Tea Party Bob examines the campaign of Governor Otter, John Bujack, and  AJ Balukoff.  Patriot Ray gives his take on who will win the votes of the undecided.  Kevin Miller shares commercials of all three candidates.  The panel takes calls on election.


Kevin Miller and the panel discuss the latest in healthcare.  Tea Party Bob reveals that his insurance has been cancelled.  They panel moves onto the economy and the stock market.  The panel wonders how the country will handle the debt?


Kevin Miller, Tea Party Bob, and Patriot begin the day on 580 KIDO.  Patriot Ray discusses Idaho becoming another state that legalizes gay marriage.  Kevin Miller looks at whether the Supreme Court of the United States will ever hear a gay marriage case.