Kevin Miller and the panel begin to take calls on funding education in Idaho.  They look at what happens to the political futures of Raul Labrador, John Bujak, and Russ Fulcher.  Several folks call in asking for a return to the constitution in governing America.

Kevin Miller previews the Dave Petso Show with Dave Petso.


Kevin Miller and the Mayhem in the AM panel looks at the governor's race.  They begin to take calls on the last debate from the governor's race.  Kevin Miller asks the panel about other races.  Barry Peterson looks at the future of the state republican party.

The topic of the health exchange comes up which leads to more debate on healthcare in Idaho.  Kevin directs the panel to preview the other races in the upcoming election.


Kevin Miller is joined by Patriot Ray, Tea Party Bob, and Barry Peterson.  They begin with a preview of the last few days of the campaign.  The panel starts to look at every political race in the state.  Kevin Miller and the crew look at the state school superintendent's race.

The panel celebrates the release of the Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican Jail.