Kevin Miller looks at the reaction to the president's speech last night.  He shares clips from Johnathan Turley and Senator Jeff Sessions talking to Megyn Kelly of the Fox News Channel.  Patriot Ray wants to bring back the coal industry.  Kevin Miller asks folks to take time and give a turkey to the Boise Rescue Mission.


Kevin Miller and the crew continue to ask folk to donate turkeys.  They begin to look at the Ferguson, Missouri situation.  Kevin Miller thanks everyone who has donated.   A group of young ruffians ask to use a phone.  Patriot Ray let's them borrow his and it looks like it might be go time.  Fortunately Patriot Ray gets his phone back.


Kevin Miller is joined by the members of the Miller Militia who have joined him at the Wal Mart on Garrity Road in Nampa.  Too Fly Bry stops by to donate and talk with his hunting dog Cody.  The topic of conversation begins with reacting to the president's speech.