Kevin introduces the legalization of marijuana in Idaho.  Tea Party Bob speaks out against it.  Daryl and Sheila are split on the issue.  Russel believes in liberty and it should be legal.  Patriot Ray and Kevin agree that pot should be illegal.


Liberal Steve crashed the panel and bedlam begins.  Kevin brings up the issue of fracking.  LS voices his opposition and Russel disagrees with Steve.  Tea Party Bob debates LS on whether or not Idaho should embrace fracking?


The panel debates the latest on the Filer dog shooting.  They discuss the AG Gag bill and Too Fly Bri joins the panel.   The issue of campus safety is revisited.


Kevin continues the campus carry debate with the panel.  Several folks call in and share their thoughts.  Patriot Ray and Dell have an exchange concerning arming security guards on campus.  Liberal Steve phoned in and said everyone in America should carry a gun.  Kevin claimed LS was Lucy getting ready to pull away the football once again.


The panel goes digs deep into common core.  Kevin presents the other side of the issue and the group erupts.  Several folks call in complaining about common core in Idaho.  Kevin replays the Jimmy Fallon video and steers the conversation towards guns on college campuses.


Kevin introduces the all star panel led by Patriot Ray, Tea Party Bob, Daryl, Sheila, and Russel from Kuna.  Patriot Ray explains the threats to America concerning immigration issues.  Tea Party Bob looks at the primaries coming up.  Daryl and Sheila brought up the state's struggle with common core.  Russel brings up whether or not Idaho should embrace fracking.