Kevin Miller, Patriot Ray, Pat from Middleton, and Tea Party Bob take a look at Memorial Day.  They share stories of sacrifice and bravery.  The panel urges the audience to really appreciate those that gave it all.


Kevin Miller, Tea Party Bob, Patriot Ray, and Pat Middleton discuss Memorial Day.  The panel then looks at education.  They take calls on the issues on impacting local veterans.  Ronnie from Caldwell phones in with his take on Kevin's support of Sean Hannity.


Kevin Miller listens as the panel talks about the lumber industry.  TPB gets mad at Kevin Miller when he goes over the election results.  The panel admits that Kevin was right about the election.  Patriot Ray works to get a word in edge wise.


Kevin Miller debates the election results with Tea Party Bob.  Patriot Ray details what's next and Pat from Middleton yells.  The focus of the conversation is on the education issues in Idaho.


Kevin Miller continues to listen to the All Star Panel. The topics range from Common Core, the election, the VA Scandal, and the local economy.  Patriot Ray works to get in a word edge wise and Pat from Middleton runs wild.


Kevin Miller is joined by Patriot Ray, celebrity guest Pat from Middleton, and the return of Tea Party Bob.  TPB tries to talk about the election, Patriot Ray tries to talk about an FBI agent in Oakland, and Pat from Middleton takes over the show.  Kevin looks frustrated.