Kevin Miller and Tea Party Bob are joined by Dave Petso.  They discuss the latest market news and preview Money Matters.


Kevin Miller and TPB discuss what happens next with the VA Scandal.  Both wonder why no one is sticking up for the veterans.  TPB says it's all a pattern of neglect by the administration.  Kevin looks to the midterms for more accountability from congress.


Kevin Miller and Tea Party Bob speak with Idaho Senator Steven Thayn about education in Idaho.  Senator Thayn explains why there was no legislative opposition to common core.  He previews the upcoming state convention in the next few weeks.


Kevin Miller and TPB look at Common Core in Idaho Schools.  They detail the opposition to the core standards.  Kevin and TPB disagree on the resistance to Common Core.  Tea Party Bob goes in depth about the new testing requirements.


Kevin Miller and Tea Party Bob look at the upcoming gubernatorial race.  TPB believes that the state GOP must begin to compromise on certain key issues.   Kevin Miller wonders what will AJ Balukoff's message be to win voters.  Kmillie asks TPB whether the governor needs the conservatives to win in November.


Kevin Miller is joined by Tea Party Bob.  It looks like it will be the dynamic duo instead of the all star panel.  TPB and Kmillie begin to look at the post primary political landscape in Idaho.  Kevin explains how TPB won his local election.  They review the recent Ada County GOP meeting.