Kevin Miller is joined by Dave Petso from Petso Financial Services.  Dave previews his show that's coming up next on 580 KIDO.

Kevin Miller and the panel look at the relationship between the states and the federal government.



Kevin Miller and the panel go back and forth with callers on the legislature.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue of what is a republican.  The conversation is steered towards the rising cost of gasoline.  State Senator Thayn calls in to voice his opinion.


Kevin Miller and the panel look at the situation in Iraq.  They debate what to do next in the region.  The panel then has a heated debate on Common Core.  The panel looks at the fiscal health of the country.


Kevin Miller and the panel debate the presidential candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson.  The panel gets fired up about Common Core.  Tea Party Bob takes Kevin Miller to school while the panel watches.


Kevin Miller and the crew look at the leadership issue in the state republican party.  The panel begins to discuss the battle in Mississippi for control of the party.  Kevin and the panel take calls on what to do about the crisis at the border.


Kevin Miller is joined by Tea Party Bob, Patriot Ray, Daryl and Shelia from the Canyon County Tea Party.  They begin to examine the story featuring Kevin Miller and Barry Peterson in today's Idaho Statesman.