730AM-8AM Kevin, Jim, and Bob look at the congressional races.  Patriot Ray advises folks to get involved.  Carol rips the panel for smacking Idaho.  Jim and Bob say they are not bashing Idaho.  Pro Life and Tony Snesko chime in with their take on the day's events.

7AM-730AM Kevin and panel take a look the Bengahzi situation.  They debate the issue of Hillary Clinton's age if she runs for president.  Kevin and the panel look at the economy and examine the congressional races.

630AM-7AM  The panel takes Kevin to task his thoughts on the Filer Police Officer.  Kevin fires back and the conversation continues.  Kevin asks the panel if they believe teachers should get pay raises.  Patriot Ray brings up Benghazi and wonders why no one is held accountable.

6AM-630AM  Kevin introduces the topic of the police officer in Filer shooting the dog.  He asks the panel whether or not the Nampa Police Department will be objective in their investigation of Filer.

530AM-6AM  The panel discusses the comments of Boise Police Chief Masterson at the senate gun hearing.  He was quoted as saying, 'democracy failed.'  Kevin asks the panel if the age to conceal carry on campus should be eighteen instead of twenty one.

5AM-530AM  Kevin Miller is joined by Patriot Ray, Tea Party Bob, and Jim from Star.  Kevin has to give TPB the bell to keep Jim in line.  The panel addresses the big debate in the senate this week over guns.