Kevin Miller speaks with Rob Sudabaker of Team Mazda/Subaru and Reverend Bill Roscoe about Miller's Mission.  They discuss the needs of the mission and why the community to donate to the Valley Women and Children's Shelter and the Lighthouse.


Kevin Miller speaks with syndicated radio personality and Fox News Star Sean Hannity.  Sean describes his life and career and Kevin's adventures on the radio trail.  Sean goes over the history of talk radio.


Kevin Miller is joined by Canyon County Commissioner Craig Hansen discussing county issues.  They urge folks to donate to the Valley Woman and Children's Shelter and the Lighthouse Men's Shelter.  Kevin takes calls on moving the fair and promotes Sean Hannity's appearance.  Reverend Bill Roscoe directs folks on how to donate to the mission.


Kevin Miller is joined by Tom Dale about his role as a future Canyon County Commissioner.  They speak about Bergdahl, the country budget, and the need for a new jail.  Several folks call in to voice their views on all three issues.



Kevin Miller speaks with Leahann Goodner, Employment and Education Center Manager City Light Home for Women and Children, about the possibilities for guests of the shelter.  She explains the training and retraining the women go through to find employment.  Kevin looks at reaction to the Bergdahl situation.


Kevin Miller shares the story of Hailey cancelling their welcome Bowe Home Parade.  He plays the clip of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel saying we need due process.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller and Dave discusses the latest in the Bowe Bergdahl story.  Kevin looks at Hailey cancelling their Bowe parade.  Kevin previews Sean Hannity's appearance latter this morning.