Kevin Miller takes calls on healthcare, the border, and jobs.  Kevin hears from several folks who claim that you can get cheaper health coverage if you pay cash.  Kevin reminds everyone to join him tomorrow at Lionheart Tactical on State Street during the morning show.


Kevin Miller is joined by Johnathan Wohlstetter from letterfromthecapitol.com.  They discuss the fighting in Gaza, the rise of ISIS, and the crisis on the border.  Mr. Wohlstetter warns of the expanding medical crisis on the border.


Kevin Miller looks at three issues.  The first issue is the replay of the White House Press briefing.  Kevin comments on the reaction of the press secretary when asked if the administration understood the meaning of the word of law.  Kevin Miller talks healthcare with Andrew, who calls in to tell folks to pay cash for their medical care.  Kevin Miller addresses the governor's comments on saying no to the illegals in Idaho.


Kevin Miller interviews political strategist Travis Hawkes.  They discuss the state of the GOP in Idaho.  Kevin and Travis discuss the upcoming gubernatorial campaign.  Travis previews the election season.

Kevin asks Travis about the business of college football.  Travis details the growth of America's second most popular sport.


Kevin Miller looks at a story involving a passenger on a Southwest plane who was kicked off after a tweet.  Kevin Miller looks at the Governor's decision to tell the feds he does not want the illegals in Idaho.    Kevin takes calls on those issues.


Kevin Miller is joined by veteran military journalist Rob Williams.  Rob details the strain of multiple deployments on combat units currently serving oversees.  Rob tells Kevin Miller that the Army and other military branches are firing middle management to save money.  If you have a tattoo below your elbow, you will not get in.


Kevin Miller and Robin look at a few funny issues.  Kevin reveals his childhood fears of Bigfoot.  Robin says that she was afraid of a gate.  They look at the Gaza Tunnel issues and discuss the new reality show based in Idaho 'Way out West.'