Kevin Miller interviews comedian Paula Poundstone about her appearance in Boise this Friday.  Paula shares her thirty five years of comedy with Kevin Miller.  Paula describes what Kevin does behind the scenes and makes Kevin laugh.


Kevin Miller and political consultant China Gum go over local, state, and national political stories.  They debate Idaho Statesman Political Reporter Dan Popkey joining Congressman Labrador's Office.  Kevin Miller and China take calls from various callers.


Kevin Miller gets into an argument with Pat from Middleton.  Pat believes that all businesses should get a second chance.   He admonishes Kevin Miller for his short sightedness.  Kevin interviews Jeff Monosso about reaction to the House lawsuit, a new poll on immigration, and Eddie Lacy being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.


Kevin Miller interviews Joy Karp author of the Power of Service.  Joy shares her insight on how great customer service can improve your life and your business.  Kevin asks Joy how to handle bad service and gives examples of horrible customer service.


Kevin Miller explains why the republicans are suing the president instead of impeaching him.  Kevin takes calls on the issue and listens to the folks.  Kevin previews Joy Karp discussing business communication next hour.


Kevin Miller speaks with Steve Ackerman about jobs in Idaho.  They look at the employment situation in the Gem State.  Kevin and Steve discuss how Idaho can attract workers and the possibility of the state raising the gas tax.


Kevin Miller and Robin go over a few events.  Kevin shares the fight between Jim from Star and gun totting Pat.  Robin says she's a Harley Brown Fan.