Kevin Miller interviews two local nurses who have written a book about tackling addiction. Kevin Miller looks at the issue of guns on campus.  He speaks of personal responsibility and urges more of it.


Kevin Miller interviews Kevin Hansen from Tree City Comic Con.  Kevin Hansen details to Kevin Miller about the event coming to the Treasure Valley.  They discuss bringing the film industry to Idaho and who is coming to the Tree City Comic Con.


Kevin Miller looks at road rage and takes calls on the issue.  Kevin Miller shares his thoughts on how to avoid anger issues on the road.  Kevin Miller updates the listeners on the situation in Iraq.


Kevin Miller speaks with Christine Harbin Hanson from Americans for Prosperity.  They look at what's next for congress after the recess.  Kevin Miller and Christine look at a proposed national 'soda tax.'

Christine reveals what Washington DC is like during the Congressional Recess.  Kevin Miller and Christine take calls from concerned listeners who want the freedom to be fat.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls concerning guns on campus.  He introduces the topic of road rage and the Kevin Ward Jr. death involving NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart.  Kevin Miller gives away tickets to Shrek from the Music Theater of Idaho.


Kevin Miller speaks with Gregg Pruett of the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance.  They discuss the recent installation of metal detectors on Idaho College Campuses.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the continued appeal of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Kevin reviews the video from Alan L Morton attorney at law.  Kevin Miller introduces the latest in the Tony Stewart controversy and Dave gives his opinion.

Kevin Miller discusses the recent changes in local television.  Several personalities have left the market lately.