Kevin Miller welcomes Coach Greg Carpenter and four of his little league players.  The team is has won the state championship.  They are now raising money to travel to the regional championship in Nogales, Arizona.  The coach and players talk of the life changing experience of working together on a championship team.


Kevin Miller is joined by Stephen Yates.  Mr. Yates shares his experience of working with President Bush and Vice President Cheney.  He gives a detailed explanation of the Middle East unrest.  Kevin Miller and Mr. Yates debate the merits of Alexander Hamilton.


Kevin Miller goes live to Tel Aviv, Isarel to speak with Fox Newsradio's Emily Wither.  She shares her first hand experience to the Iron Dome defense system protecting the city from rocket attacks.  Emily tells Kevin Miller how she examined the remnants of a rocket that was shot down by the Isareli Missile Defense System.



Kevin Miller examines the sentencing of Sean Parnell, a 23 year old man, who went on a rampage in Meridian.  Mr. Parnell was sentences to 15-25 years for his assaults.

Kevin Miller looks at the closing of the six Body Renew Gyms in the Treasure Valley.  He advocates that all members should get their membership dues back.  Kevin Miller thinks it's unfair that members were charged right before the doors closed.


Kevin Miller interviews Jennifer Keiper of Fox News Radio.  Jennifer takes a look at the midterm elections.  Kevin thanks Jennifer for her reporting as she gets ready to return to WLS in Chicago.  Jennifer explains the difference between local and national reporting.


Kevin Miller is joined by talk show host Bill Lumaye covering the border situation.  Bill details his experience on the border.  He goes over his tour with the border patrol and his interviews with border ranchers who are under siege.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the border situation.  Dave cannot believe the president is drinking beer and playing pool instead of going to the border.  Kevin talks about the Men's room and that topic goes nowhere.  Kevin and Dave discuss the closings of the area Body Renew Fitness Centers.