Kevin Miller talks with Mike Jung, publisher of the Idaho Statesman.  They discuss the ever changing media climate in the Treasure Valley.  Mike explains the business partnerships that make the United Way so special.

Kevin Miller is joined by our old friend Bob Zimmerman who predicts the Vandal and Bronco Season.


Kevin Miller interviews Captain Dana Borgquist a United Way Board Member.  He details the need for rehabilitation efforts.  He describes the  partnerships between all the groups who donate and volunteer for the Treasure Valley Untied Way.

Kevin Miller is joined by AJ Balukoff who updates everyone on his campaign and Idaho Education Issues.

Kevin Miller speaks with Mayor Jim Reynolds of Eagle and David Ferdinand.  They go over local, state, and national issues.


Kevin Miller speaks with Corey Surber from Saint Alphonsus, who has helped restore Idaho's Suicide Prevention Hotline.  She explains why the program is essential to the community and how many lives have been saved.

Kevin Miller takes calls from Pat from Middleton and Gene from Kuna.


Kevin Miller interviews Kelly Barber from Saint Alphonsus and a board member of the Treasure Valley United Way.  Kelly looks at the benefits of helping young people become productive in the Treasure Valley.  He talks about how the United Way makes the community better.  Kevin Miller and Kelly talk about the education support programs in Canyon County.


Kevin Miller is joined by Jennifer Reynolds from US Bank.  She goes over the history of the Flapjack Feed and details how much it's grown.  Jennifer describes the 'bank on Treasure Valley.'  The program helps individuals educate themselves on the benefits of having a checking account.

Kevin Miller examines the murder of journalist Jim Foley.



Kevin Miller interviews President / CEO of United Way of Treasure Valley Nora Carpenter at the annual Flapjack Feed on the Grove Plaza.  She details all the programs that the United Way sponsors that help folks in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller is joined by Alan L. Morton, attorney at law.   Alan gives out the number to the family advocacy program 345-3344.  Ask for Brad Talbut.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss what each did on their time off.  Dave traveled to Seattle and Kevin Miller locked himself out of his house.  They look at the growing popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and preview the Treasure Valley United Way Flapjack Feed.