Kevin Miller is joined by Joe and Brad from Chick Filet detailing their fundraiser for local law enforcement and fire fighters.  They discuss their support of local nonprofit causes and what folks can do to help.  They also give Kevin an insight into the local economy.


Kevin Miller speaks with Rick Clubb of Filer.  Rick was the owner Hootch the black lab who was killed by a Filer Police Officer.  Mark Deaton joins Kevin as well detailing what else is going on in Filer.


Kevin Miller speaks with State Senator Curt McKenzie on the governor signing the campus carry bill.  They take a look at the legislature and other local issues.


Kevin Miller speaks with Travis Hawkes about Governor Mitt Romney visiting Idaho to support Governor Otter and Congressman Simpson.  They take a look at the last presidential election and the local economy.


Kevin Miller interviews Emily Wither from Fox News Radio live from Jerusalem.  Wither details the latest rocket attack on Israel.  Kevin looks at the president's funny or die video and a high school student suspended for wearing an NRA T Shirt.


Kevin Miller examines what's next for conceal carry in Idaho.  He takes a look at the lack of accountability and investigative reporting concerning the prisons, the land swaps, the health exchange insider deal, and other issues.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss last night Bronco basketball game.  They take a look at NFL Free Agency and the governor signing the campus carry bill.